Fleck Water Softener Reviews

Any model of Fleck Water Softener will provide your home with years and years of trouble free service, allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits that soft water can bring such as cleaner laundry and a cleaner home overall.

The Fleck brand is developed by a company called Pentair Water Treatment. Water softener reviews about this brand are all positive. Several customers have commented on how easy the system is to program and use and how fantastically efficient the support line is.

One Fleck owner was pleased to report that when he rang the technical support line for advice, there were no robots on the other end of the line, just real live people who were extremely helpful, patient and friendly.

The 5 year warranty was also seen as a bonus because customers felt that it gave them peace of mind when making their purchase as they felt that when they were spending over a hundred dollars on anything for the home, they would expect a good guarantee.

Fleck Water Softener

Benefits of Installing Fleck Water Softeners

  • A System Size Tool is provided – This is a handy tool for customers who are amateurs when it comes to water softeners, because it allows them to select the correct model for their home to ensure a problem free installation. Selecting the right unit means that you will enjoy years of problem free service, which is what every household needs.
  • Fully assembled – Every unit is shipped fully assembled so there’s no chance of small parts going missing during transit. Each system arrives ready to plumb in, either by a professional or by you. A fully comprehensive instructional video gives you a step by step guide to installation.
  • Customizable parts available – You can obtain extras such as plumbing adaptors, upgrade the fine mesh resin, install a whole home chlorine removal system or upgrade the turbulator. You can also get hold of the equipment to add a brine grid if required.
  • Ethical Company – Fleck has used the finest quality materials, and design their softeners so that water and salt consumption is low. This is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly and of course it will save money. The high flow valves create low flow water rates which prevent loss of pressure.
  • WQA Certified – Fleck water softeners are one of the few systems to be WQA certified. This accolade allows potential customers to feel that they can really trust this brand.

Popular Fleck Products

The Fleck Water Softener family have gained a flawless reputation thanks to the quality products that they make. The units are available in several capacities which you would choose depending on the hardness of the water in your area.

  • The Fleck 5600 SXT and 7000 SXT have been designed to be used in homes where water hardness is relatively low (less than 5 grams per gallon)
  • The Fleck 9100 SXT comes with a twin tank and is suitable for very hard water.

Fleck products can vary in price from around $499-$749 so it’s always worthwhile shopping around for the best deal. Knowing that Fleck are a well established company who install softeners for business and domestic use, you can rest assured that this brand is reliable, and of high quality.

What Customers Say

All in all, Fleck water softeners appear to be one of the most popular brands available on the market. Buyers feel that installing this system has been an investment because over the years they have saved so much money. Utility bills have substantially decreased and customers say that they’re spending less on their weekly grocery bill because they aren’t buying as many cleaning products or washing detergents.

According to fleck water softener reviews, a small percentage of customers reported that it took them a while to get used to the improved water supply, however they’d struggle to go back to hard water again now that they’ve seen the difference it makes to their daily lives. The majority of reviewers felt proud that their household was now a more environmentally friendly residence and were glad that they were able to do their bit for the planet with minimal effort.

Fleck has created hassle free water softening systems so that minimum disruption is caused during installation. They take a pride in their products and want every single one of their customers to be completely satisfied, hence the 5 year warranty and excellent help line.

More and more people are looking to eliminate the impurities in their domestic water and are striving to use fewer products around the home which are harmful to health and the environment. Thankfully, Fleck has made the solution to both of these issues in an affordable, practical and easy way. If you’re looking to buy a water softener system, Fleck water softeners certainly ticks all the boxes.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Access to safe drinking water is one of the basic rights of an individual. Water comes to our homes and offices from rivers, lakes, streams, bore wells, and oceans. All of us expect to drink and provide good and hygienic quality water for our children and families be it at home or at office.

So how do you ensure safe drinking water? Water from taps can be either filtered or treated by installing a water filter. Water softener is ideal for places with hard water supply. How will a water softener help in solving this issue?

Water Softeners Work

What is a water softener?

The other name for water softener is water conditioner. As the name suggests just like a conditioner a water softener helps condition the water by removing undue quantity of minerals. Once the water is clean of such excessive minerals, the water turns soft. Water softener is required in places where you get only hard water. Generally ground water is hard and it is important to know the source of your water before installing a softener.

In simple terms the process of converting hard water to soft water is referred to as water softening. Hard water tends to leave scales on tiles, and taps and you may even notice your soap does not foam much. A soft water does not leave any scales on taps and faucets and you will have to spend less on soap since there are no hard minerals to cover the soap.

Water softening is a process by which certain excess minerals like calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions in water. This exchange takes place in the resin tank of a softener. The negative charged ions get exchanged with the positive charged sodium chloride ions when water goes through the resin tank. The sodium swaps places with the calcium and magnesium ions.

Water softener consists of a tank with tubes which run up and down in the center of the tank. The whole unit consists of resin tank and a brine tank while the excess minerals are released into the drain through a tube.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners work on the ion exchange system of filtration. Water flows through the resin tank where in it comes in contact with the small beads coated with sodium ions. These sodium ions on the beads attract calcium and magnesium ions present in the hard water. The hard water ions swap places with the sodium ions. All the hard minerals get exchanged with the soft water minerals.

Sodium ions are released into the water from the resin beads. This process goes on till the resin beads need to be replaced. The water controller valves at the top controls the flow of hard water to the resin beads and ensures that all hard water goes through the resin beads for the softening process.Treated and soft water is then distributed through a distributor tube to your homes.

The final soft water is high in salts. The brine tank along with the resin tank forms the whole unit of a softener. You will need to fill the brine tank with salts for recharge. After continuous usage the resin beads get exhausted and contain all the minerals like calcium and magnesium on them.

At this point you will need to replace or recharge the beads. During the recharging process the beads are soaked in a strong solution containing sodium chloride and water. The sodium in the solution causes the beads to release all the deposited calcium and magnesium ions. The beads are then recharged with sodium and are ready for use in the softener.

Some softeners available in the market have built in timers to automatically recharge on a regular basis while some use a computer based system that studies the performance of the beads based on the water usage. One needs to remember that a water softener is not a water filter. It does not remove germs or sediments from the water. It does not make water drinkable like a water filter with reverse osmosis and ultra violet features.


A softener for water will save you money on detergents and soaps all through the year. Even cleaning taps, tiles and on other surfaces will be easy since there won’t be any mineral deposits on them for you to scrub. So if you stay in areas where you receive only hard water, then it would be wise to invest in a water softener to experience the difference.